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My name is Inger Lise Strand, and I started and run my own kindergarten since 2006 when I could not find childcare for my own daughter.

Since then, I have been thinking of starting a babysitter agency, as until now, there has not been such a company in the Stavanger area.

Before I started my own barnehage, I worked for 10 years in the Oil Industry. I was educated as a Petroleum Engineer, but these past 6 years working with children and their parents, have taught me a lot about childcare and safety.

The kindergarten company is still running, and some of my babysitters are employed within the kindergarten, as well. They are skilled, educated people, taking the safety of your child very seriously. 

All our babysitters speak English, and fluent Norwegian. They are all over 18 years of age, have attended a Safety Course.

Stavanger Barnevaktbyrå
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